UPK Program

Unity Neighborhood Center is extremly pleased with the success of it new Universal Pre Kindergarten Program that it launced last September 2014.  It was very  excitiong to receive a grant from the New York City Department of Education to open a Pre-K Program at 1339 East Gun Hill Road, only one block from the # 5Train Station at Gun Hill Road.  Unity received a contract to provided services to seventy-two children that were already fours old or was going to be four before the end of 2014.
Our highly qualified staff performed wonderfully with our children and so many of them left being able to write their name, using upper and lower case letters, as well as identifying the number and also the basic sight words. Our program was so exciting that we were able be  evaluated by an outside group that was engaged by the DOE and we scored so well that we will not have to evaluated again until three years from now. I have to give credit to the skills and educational background of our master teachers.  Thanks Staff!

 We are now enrolling for our new group of boys and girls for the school year of 2015-2016 and we are equally excited over the impending success of this group. Our graduation was magnificent this year and was held at the beautiful Eastwood Manor on Eastchester Road. The graduation was free for our parents, and for every child we had atleast  twice the number of parents,grandparents, and cousin to show up to support our Children.

 Over the school year our children have celebrated Dr Seuss, visited the Earthstar Public Library, learned about their community and have welcomed numerous visitors to our site. Our most recent visitor was Councilman Andy King, who pooped in to see the children and to find out how they were doing.

 We are enrolling now for September 2015 and have a few spots open.  Our UPK is a fun place to learn. Join us if you have a child that will be four or already is four before the year of 2015 ends. We are growing up doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, police officers,and all of the jobs that make New York City one of the best places to live in New York City. Lets us hear from you!